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Real Educational Achievements for Life

The NextGen Program Mission

Help youth develop themselves into independent strong adults who believe in lifelong learning and strive for higher career aspirations.


Preserve our dynamic learning center, which promotes cultural diversity and serves students of all backgrounds. We increase students’ ability to set and achieve realistic goals through education and work place experience. We reinforce a positive self-esteem and values in which to build a successful life. We are continuously improving our practices through innovation, creativity, and student involvement.

Core Ideology

To prepare out-of-school students, ages 16 through 24, for meaningful employment and economic independence through educational and career training opportunities. Our program is a collaborative effort among Davidson Works, Davidson-Davie Community College, Davidson, Thomasville, Lexington School Systems, and the community agencies of Davidson County.

NextGen Success Factors

  • Attendance – The NextGen program aims to encourage attendance, recognize, and reward successful attendance performance.
  • Attitude – A positive attitude includes cooperation, working well with others, initiative, responsibility and respect for yourself and NextGen.
  • Academics- The NextGen program is committed to student’s academic progress by providing instructions in reading comprehension, math skills, communication and the ability to express ideas and information in writing.
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