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Mission Statement

The mission of the College Transition Center at Davidson-Davie Community College is to support the overall college mission by promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in a positive, supportive environment that prioritizes an individualized response to every student, regardless of previous education or ability level.


The College Transition Center offers web-based English and math courses with an emphasis on individual and small group instruction. Instructors provide an engaging, positive and supportive environment. In order to meet the financial needs of all students, the Transition Center offers the opportunity to enroll in Transition courses in College and Career Readiness or Curriculum.

Admission Requirements:

  • Effective 10/18/2021, students who graduated from high school within the last ten years with a GPA less than 2.2 will either enroll in Transition English and Transition Math in the College Transition Center or must successfully complete the NROC Placement Assessment. Those whose GPA is between and including 2.2 to 2.799 will have the opportunity to take the Tier 2 Assessment and/or enroll in a corequisite course that will support the student in the gateway math and/or English.
  • Students who graduated 10 or more years ago or do not meet the state requirements for the HiSet test will take the NROC Placement Assessment and may enroll in Transition English and Math after speaking with the Transition Center team.
  • Students who need/want to strengthen their English and math foundational skills before they enter a curriculum course.

Frequently Asked Questions

On the Davidson campus, the Center is located in the GEE Building on the lower level. On the Davie campus, the Center is located in the Community Building, Room 202. Maps are available in admissions, advising and the Love building.

  • Transition Math
  • Transition English
  • Career Ready
  • Adult High School
  • High School Equivalency
  • Adult Basic Education

The courses are self-paced but are designed to last 8-16 weeks.  The length of the course will depend on students’ previous knowledge of the subject, attendance, and their available time to work at home.

When students successfully complete Transition classes in College and Career Readiness (CCR) or Curriculum, they can register for Gateway Math or English courses with or without corequisite classes depending on the level of completion. The corequisite classes are support classes for the gateway course in which the student is enrolled.

Yes, students earn a grade of  P1, P2, P3, or R for Transition Math and P1, P2 or R for Transition English depending on how many Tiers they complete within a course. Students who registered for a Transition course through College and Career Readiness can earn a grade of IP (In Progress).

Yes, there are classes offered at Davidson-Davie that students can take while taking Transition courses. Some classes do, however, require an English or Math prerequisite. To register for these courses, completion of Transition classes are required.  Your advisor can assist you in developing a schedule that meets your needs.

If the student is enrolled in curriculum transition courses, those courses will count toward financial aid. If a student enrolls in the BSP section, the course is free and will not count towards financial aid.

The NROC Placement Assessment is administered on the Davidson Campus in Gee Building, room B004, and on the Davie Campus in Community Building, room 202.