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Discrimination & Harassment

Discrimination & Harassment

As an institution of higher learning, Davidson-Davie is committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of each of its community members. In the spirit of the Core Values that Davidson-Davie upholds, the College makes every effort to promote and sustain an inclusive environment for all. This online reporting form has been created in an effort to better understand the climate of bias at Davidson-Davie, as well as hold others accountable for their actions. Community members are encouraged to report various acts of bias or hate witnessed on campus through this online reporting form.

Your confidentiality in this process is very important and every effort from the College will be made to protect your privacy. Though Davidson-Davie places a strong emphasis on confidentiality, anonymity cannot be guaranteed in reports involving the safety of the community, and or, incidents involving actions that violate state or federal law.

Unless bias incidents are reported, the College, cannot fully understand the nature and scope of the bias that exists on campus. By submitting this form, you are not only sending a powerful message that bias and hate are not tolerated on this campus, but you are also assisting by recognizing the bias on campus. Through your efforts, we can now devise new strategies, policies, and procedures to counter such bias on campus.

Please note that the Behavior Intervention Team will respond to widely known acts of bias on our campus. Furthermore, the Behavior Intervention Team works in conjunction with the student conduct process to which other reports of bias will be deferred.

The Behavior Intervention Team

What the team does with bias incident reports:

  • Refer those who report incidents to appropriate campus offices and programs that can effectively respond in accordance with applicable College policies.
  • Catalog all reported incidents and track for trends.
  • Assess avenues for minimizing or eliminating future incidents of bias.
  • Consult with College Administrators regarding possible institutional responses.
  • Work with campus offices and departments to develop strategies for addressing bias trends and patterns at Davidson-Davie.

What the team doesn’t do:

  • Conduct investigations. Should you utilize some of the campus resources offered to you through this process, they might use the information you provide to initiate disciplinary action.
  • Impinge on free speech rights and academic freedom.