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Embedding Easter Eggs

Embedding Easter Eggs

A popular strategy for engaging students is using gamification. As you might guess from the name, Gamification, is essentially using game design principles to engage learners. While there are many ways to gamify your course, one simple option is

Three colorful handmade easter eggs isolated on a white background

what is known as embedding “Easter Eggs.” This is when you embed some type of hidden clue in your course that offers a reward or prize (e.g., extra points). For example, you could

  • Embed a hidden word puzzle in your syllabus that prompts students to email you the funniest meme they can find (Example)

  • Embed a riddle or challenge question within an image in your lecture slides, which by answering correctly, they can earn extra points

  • Embed a hint in an assignment that isn’t visible unless they’ve found the egg

Tip: be sure to let students know that you have embedded Easter Eggs in your course so they know to be on the lookout for them.