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Outside Scholarship Opportunities

While it is easy to find scholarships online, please also be aware of any potential scholarship scams which might include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. Guaranteed scholarships: In the world of financial assistance there can never be a guarantee other than a guarantee that “Guaranteed Scholarships” never come to fruition.
  2. Processing fees: If a processing fee is required, run. Many of these scholarships have disclosure statements that “guarantee the winnings” and further state that “students will be eligible for a refund.” This is just an additional scam. In reality, the money never returns to the student.
  3. Rewards without entries: Simply put, when an award or prize is given without the student having to submit an application, not only is it surprising but even more, unbelievable. Beware!
  4. Free seminar: This is simply a baiting process to lure parents and students to attend seminars and the organizations will offer attractive materials that will “guarantee your student to qualify for a scholarship!”  However, a fee is most likely applied and then followed by a small package of scholarships. Rather than pay this fee, visit the Office of Financial Aid or go online to a more credible website. Both of these sources are free.
  5. Be sure to get plenty of information about the organization. If needed, visit the website of the Better Business Bureau to determine if the organization is legit or not. Do research and get the right information before proceeding.

The following is a list of reputable scholarship search sites

They do not charge a fee, share your personal information, or allow you the opportunity to prohibit your information from being shared.

Scholarships for International or Undocumented Students