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Withdrawing From Classes

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Withdrawing From Classes

If you withdraw from all of your classes at Davidson-Davie, you may have to return a portion of the federal and state financial aid you received for that term.  If you remain enrolled in at least one course, your financial aid is not affected.  If you do withdraw from all of your courses, the Office of Financial Aid determines how your financial aid is affected based on the following factors:

  1. Your official date of withdrawal
  2. The types of financial aid you received while enrolled
  3. Whether you have successfully completed any courses during the semester you withdrew

Any financial aid disbursed to you is considered in the calculation of your aid eligibility upon withdrawal. Financial aid for the term from which you withdrew, for which you were eligible and that was not disbursed to you, is also used in the calculation under certain conditions.  Students who withdraw are also required to complete Student Loan Exit Counseling if they borrowed Federal Direct Loans.

Please keep in mind that withdrawing from your classes could adversely affect your financial aid for future terms at Davidson-Davie.  See Financial Aid and Your Grades for more information.