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Global lecturer and French economist to speak at DCCC about European Union’s impact on the U.S.

DCCC will host a public lecture featuring Dr. Olivier Peyré, a Business Administration faculty member at Nicolas Brémontier Technical College in Bordeaux, France on June 22 at 6 p.m. in Room 110 of the Mary E. Rittling Conference Center. His talk will cover topics including the Greek crisis, Brexit, the increase of migrants, the Common European Defense Project, the rise in populism and other impacting changes in the European Union. Peyré will also offer commentary on France’s recent election and its global impact on society and culture.

Peyré, who holds a PhD in Political Science and International Relations from the University of Toulouse 1 Capitol, has led his students in virtual video conference exchanges with DCCC students for more than a decade. “The world is now interconnected like never before. It’s invaluable for our students to virtually meet people across the world who are like them in many ways, but different in others. We’re honored to have him here in ‘real life’ this summer,” said Suzanne LaVenture, director of International Education.

Peyré will lead the audience through shared connections between the U.S. and the world by focusing the similarity of issues being faced in the U.S. and abroad. He will bring to light how the European Union’s current state could impact the world’s economy. “My talk could be the opportunity to introduce today and tomorrow’s main challenges,” said Peyré.

Passport events offer cultural enrichment to DCCC students and the public through enlightening presentations that focus on the customs and perspectives of other countries and their citizens. Several events throughout the year provide students, faculty and the community the opportunity to learn more about other cultures all within their own backyard. 

 “The fact is we’re all global citizens whether we realize it or not. What happens in the rest of the world affects us and vice-versa,” LaVenture offered. “The more understanding we have about the impact of this interdependence, the better able we are to navigate our path in life.”

To learn more, visit http://dccc-dev.helperstaging.com/international