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Thank you for your interest in becoming an approved caterer for the Mary E. Rittling Conference Center

Caterers must have read and understood the Mary E. Rittling Conference Center’s POLICIES, PROCEDURES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS (“POLICIES”) and Caterer Guidelines (“Guidelines”). At the discretion of the college, changes may be made in the POLICIES and/or Guidelines. It is the responsibility of the caterer to be aware of any and all changes which may affect their services at the Rittling Conference Center. Caterers who fail to abide by the POLICIES and/or Guidelines may be removed from the approved catering list. If removed from the list, caterers must reapply for approval. All approvals of reapply applications will be granted at the discretion of the college.

In addition to the required downloadable documents requested below, approved caterers must maintain a Sanitation Grade A and have a Certificate of Insurance naming Davidson County Community College as additionally insured.

Conference Center Approved Caterer Application

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  • I hereby attest that I have read, understand, and agree to and comply with the Mary E. RIttling Conference Center’s POLICIES, PROCEDURES, TERMS AND CONDITIONS. Furthermore, I understand that the Rittling Conference Center has sole discretion to approve or reject caterers, to limit the number of approved caterers, and to terminate caterers from the approved list. I agree to comply with the POLICIES and Guidelines and understand that failure to follow these POLICIES and Guidelines may result in removal from the list of caterers approved to operate at the Rittling Conference Center.