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New Series to Teach Business Resiliency to Retail Establishments

New Series to Teach Business Resiliency to Retail Establishments

September 8, 2021The Davidson-Davie Community College Small Business Center will partner with VentureEcoSystems, Uptown Lexington and the Lexington Area Chamber of Commerce to offer Accelerate Retail, a program designed to help existing businesses and start-ups map out business resiliency.

Accelerate Retail will offer eight relevant instructional sessions, mentorship opportunities and gifts that will help to elevate each business based upon its individual needs. Each of the partner organizations will bring their expertise to the program, along with six expert presenters and industry mentors. The accelerator program differs from the typical business education seminar, instead offering a package of knowledge and tools that will help a business no matter what stage. 

Accelerate Retail

“The goal is to help businesses gain confidence in their operations plan,” said Martha Larson, Small Business Center Director at Davidson-Davie Community College. “Building relationships and investing time and effort into learning how to plan and implement business processes will give the owner an advantage in his or her daily operations.”

Businesses that are retail in nature in the Davidson and Davie county area are invited to participate. The benefits of participation include a free marketing kit, a free vendor table at the November 20 Pop Up Market, two free hours of specialized mentorship counseling, relationship building with business experts and community partners, and more.

To learn more about the Accelerate Retail program, contact Martha Larson at martha_larson@davidsondavie.edu. For registration and more details, visit accelerate-retail.com. This is an in-person and virtual offering. The option will be made available to participants after they pre-register at the website above. The seminars will be hosted on the Davidson Campus of Davidson-Davie Community College. Special events will be held at other locations to bring more opportunity for networking and broadening the participant experience.

Mike Robinson, owner and operator of Bingo-Bango Fresh Fruit Soda, gave his view on business mentorship as a growing business owner: “The number one lesson for any business is to be able to improvise, have a second plan and be able to pivot on the fly.” 

Davidson-Davie Small Business Center (DavidsonDavie.edu/small-business-center) works to increase the number and success rate of small businesses in Davidson and Davie counties. We provide high-quality, readily accessible assistance to existing and prospective small business owners and their employees. Visit DavidsonDavie.edu/small-business-center to learn more.

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Martha Larson
Director, Small Business Center
Davidson-Davie Community College

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