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Choosing a College is a Big Decision.

Helping your child with the choice is based on a variety of factors including their career interests and overall college cost and affordability. Luckily, Davidson-Davie provides numerous advantages for every student, whether he or she has a career in mind or wants to experience a variety of options before deciding.

Davidson-Davie’s affordable academic programs provide a solid foundation for students who want a strong two-year program leading directly to a career or a two-year transfer program leading to admissions to a four-year college or university. Davidson-Davie’s long list of career fields and class offerings can even become a source of inspiration rather than a source of freshman student confusion.

With a staff of experienced professional academic counselors on hand, your child is in good hands while navigating the decision-making path to a future career.Many students choose Davidson-Davie as their launching pad to another university. Others choose to immerse themselves in the wealth of classes available at the College to better prepare them for a specific career.