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Digital Accessibility

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Digital Accessibility 

Digital Accessibility Mission Statement

Davidson-Davie Community College is committed to producing and using digital content/tools that are accessible to everyone. We strive to meet the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.1, Level AA (WCAG 2.1, AA) to create an inclusive user experience.

Strategic Plan

The Digital Accessibility Three Year Plan is aligned with Davidson-Davie’s Strategic Plan and the Quality Enhancement Plan (StormOnline). 

  • Department specific training based on need
  • College-wide asynchronous microcourses
  • Conduct regularly scheduled Digital Accessibility Progress Check-Ins across DDCC
  • Implement a Digital Accessibility Leaders program
    • Year 1: Pilot with one faculty and one staff
    • Year 2: Assess and increase the number of participants
    • Year 3: Assess and increase the number of participants
  • Continue to develop the procurement process
    • Year 1:
      • Manually test procured products used widely across campus
      • Refine the process for collecting VPATs for digital course materials
    • Year 2:
      • In addition to widely used products, manually test procured products used across departments
      • Manually test digital course materials adopted by faculty
    • Year 3:
      • Conduct comprehensive manual testing on products, focusing on depth and breadth, working toward optimizing the process
      • Part time position – Digital Accessibility Technologist
  • Collaborate with the Equity Champions
    • Assist with planning and/or hosting a meeting
  • Build UDL into online programs
    • Partner with CTL and Learning Design
  • Develop Learning Communities for staff
    • Year 1: Engagement
    • Year 2: Representation
    • Year 3: Action & Expression