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Universal Design For Learning

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Universal Design for Learning (UDL)

The UDL guidelines are informed by research and suggest that educators facilitate learning through multiple means of engagement, representation, and action & expression. UDL was developed by CAST, a nonprofit education research and development organization that was created in 1984.


  1. Learners think, "Why should I learn this?"
  2. Educators recruit interest in learning content
  3. Educators encourage effort and persistence
  4. Educators promote self-regulation
  5. Learners become purposeful and motivated


  1. Learners think, "What am I learning?"
  2. Educators provide options for perceiving content
  3. Educators support knowledge of language and symbols
  4. Educators support comprehension of content
  5. Learners become resourceful and knowledgeable

Action & Expression

  1. Learners think, "How can I show what I've learned?"
  2. Educators encourage interaction
  3. Educators provide options for expression & communication
  4. Educators guide planning & resource management
  5. Learners become strategic & goal directed

*Adapted from CAST (2018). Universal Design for Learning Guidelines version 2.2. Retrieved from http://udlguidelines.cast.org

UDL Resources at DDCC

A variety of creative materials designed to provide students with choices about how they learn content.

Create embossed images, graphs, diagrams, and more!

Bring content to life with the help of DDCC’s Computer Integrated Machining department.