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Below is information regarding educational benefits for employees at Davidson-Davie. (Pending Board Approval)

Advanced Degree Attainment

A.        The College encourages its employees to advance their education by pursuing and achieving advanced degrees.  Full-time regular employees (both curriculum and non-curriculum) in regularly allotted positions who earn an academic degree higher than the one held at the time of employment may be considered to receive a pay increase.

B.        If an employee, in good standing, obtains an advanced degree and meets the following guidelines during his/her employment with the College, s/he may be considered for an increase based on:

  1. If the degree is directly related to the current position at the college.
  2. If the degree is at a higher level than required for the employee’s position.
  3. If the degree is from an institution accredited by one of the U.S. regional accreditation agencies.
  4. Faculty only: If the advanced degree enables the employee to teach additional courses for which they did not previously have credentials to teach.

C.        Salary increases for each level of degree earned will be added to the base pay during the year the degree is earned.

  1. Associate’s Degree     $50/month = $600/year
  2. Bachelor’s Degree      $100/month = $1200/year
  3. Master’s Degree         $150/month = $1800/year
  4. Doctorate Degree       $200/month = $2400/year

D.        The employee is responsible for ensuring that Human Resources Services Department receives the official transcript. The degree must be conferred by an institution of higher education accredited by one of the six regional accrediting agencies recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and must be directly related to the employee’s work at the College.

E.        No increase shall be given for the attainment of the next higher degree to employees hired with the written understanding that they complete such a degree as a condition for continued employment.

F.        During periods of limited budget availability, the President may declare a moratorium on implementing pay increases for earned higher degrees with the provision that employees who otherwise qualify would receive their increase at the beginning of the next fiscal year after which funds become available.  In such cases, no retroactive increase will be provided to compensate for the moratorium period.

G.       Upon attaining an additional or higher degree, the salary increase will be implemented at the beginning of the next fiscal year contract period.  Employees who are candidates to receive an advanced degree must notify the Director of Human Resource Services by May 1st to be eligible to receive the salary increase at the next effective date.

H.    The College will adhere to any State legislative action regarding salary increases.

Financial Exigency

During times of financial exigency, the President temporarily may suspend all or portions of this Procedure if necessary to maintain the financial integrity of the College.  Once the suspension has ended, the College will not make any retroactive payments to employees earned under this policy; however, the employee will receive prospective payments earned under this policy.

Employee Tuition Benefit

The College may provide full or partial tuition funds for full-time regular and part-time regular employees to attend Davidson-Davie classes depending upon budget availability.  The employee must receive prior approval from his/her immediate supervisor and appropriate Vice President before enrolling in the course.

The following conditions shall govern the approval of an employee’s request for tuition benefit:

A.    Full-time regular and part-time regular employees are eligible to enroll in one course per semester.

B.    Employees must pay for books and any other special fees associated with the course.

C.    The time an employee attends a class shall not be considered work time unless the appropriate Vice President has first approved such a request. The employee’s professional development plan must be directly related to the employee’s position.

After one year of service, the spouse and eligible dependents of full-time regular and part-time regular employees are eligible for discounted tuition.

  1. Spouses and eligible dependents who enroll as full-time students at Davidson-Davie are eligible for a tuition discount of up to 25%.
  2. Spouses and eligible dependents are eligible for a tuition discount of up to 50% for (1) curriculum or continuing education course per semester.
  3. Self-supporting classes are not eligible for this tuition benefit.
  4. All requests are subject to budget availability and may be suspended at any time by the Board or President.